This tool revolutionized our church staff

How to unlock the hidden potential in your team

Last year I learned about the "6 Working Genius" model from a fellow leader and it's revolutionizing our church staff for the better!

I'll give you a brief rundown in case you're not familiar with the concept.

The model comes from Patrick Lencioni of the Table Group...

He's well-known for the "5 Dysfunctions of Team" and "Death by Meeting."

The idea is simple...

There are 6 working geniuses.

They are God-given gifts...not something you learn.

Everyone has 2 of them.

2 others are competencies.

The last 2 are frustrations.

When you operate out of your genius it fills you up and brings you joy.

When you operate out of your competency it drains you over time.

When you operate out of your frustration it drains and frustrates you!

The 6 geniuses overlap the 3 phases of work:

  1. Ideation

  2. Activation

  3. Implementation

The first two geniuses are Wonder and Invention.

That's ideation...30,000 ft up!

Then come Discernment and Galvanization. The activation phase.

That's the 10,000 ft approach.

Then, Engagement and Tenacity. Implementation.

That's landing the plane.

If you have people on your team and you've ever thought, "They always have their head in the clouds!" You might be right...

They might have the genius of Wonder or Invention.

Their gift is Ideation.

Or vice versa...

Maybe someone on your team that always asks for a detailed list of what you want them to do?

They might have the genius of tenacity.

The beauty of this assessment and model is that everyone gets an A+!

Because we need each other.

Everyone has something to offer.

We just need to understand what their God-given genius is and how to access it!

And it ultimately leads to better and more fulfilling work for the Kingdom of God.

I also recommend the podcast for more insights!

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Pastor Jake