The Danger Of Playing It Safe

Understanding Kingdom Economics Of Risk/Reward

Let's have a conversation about risk/reward.

Jesus was pretty clear about what He thinks of it.

In the parable of the talents he chastises the servant that buried his talent.

On the other hand He praised the servants that invested their talents and produced a return.

That should stick with us as pastors and leaders.

We should always ask ourselves, "Am I fully invested? Am I taking an appropriate level of risk in order to see a return?"

One of the ways we've "risked" as a church is to invest in low-cost Facebook ads inviting people to church.

But what we discovered along the way is that the real risk was not doing it!

Because we've seen hundreds of visitors over the years come from our ads.

And it's been a blessing to our church.

Here's the thing.

The worst thing, the absolute worst thing, you can do as a leader is to bury your talent.

You're called to lead...not maintain the status quo.

And the only way to see a reward is to engage in some risk (otherwise known as investment).

If you'd like to learn more about how we invest in our growth and outreach check out the link below.

Don't play it safe!

Talk soon,

Pastor Jake