Take The Layup

Outreach On Easy Mode

Times are tough for me as a basketball fan.

I'm a Portland Trailblazer guy which if you know anything about their history means I'm often disappointed!

We're a small market team and don't typically get the superstars.

But we root for our squad no matter what, right?

Anyways, something hit me funny recently.

Every once in awhile an NBA player will have a clear lane to the hoop...

And most can't resist going sky high for the dunk!

To be fair, if I could dunk I absolutely would...

Usually they slam it home to thunderous applause.

But every once in awhile the dunk will go wrong and the ball will bounce off the rim!

No points scored.

And it's in those moments I know the coach is either thinking or perhaps even screaming, "Just take the layup!"

Because the object of the game isn't how you get the ball in the hoop...

It's that you actually do!

It's the same when it comes to church growth.

Why not take the layup?

So many pastors go for the dunk when there are simple, actionable strategies that work.

Like the Facebook Invitation System.™

It's a simple 30 second video invite ad that takes 30 minutes to set up.

Then you can use it to invite your city to church over and over again!

Hey pastor, just take the layup.

Take the layup,

- Pastor Jake