Shepherd Not A Sheep

3 Ways It Happens

One of the things that plagues leaders is thinking like a sheep rather than a shepherd.

Sheep thinking isn't always easy to notice.

But it's definitely something to watch out for...

Because thinking like a sheep will stop your growth, hurt your team, and destroy your standing as a leader.

So here goes...

Here's 3 ways leaders slip into sheep thinking.

1) Being reactive rather than proactive.

Leaders should be thermostats not thermometers.

They need to create and influence their environment in a positive way rather than be influenced by it.

Sheep are reactive.

They get scared, offended, and angry.

They react emotionally and immaturely.

Shepherds guide with vision and confidence.

2) Putting their own needs first.

Simon Sinek wrote a book about this with a great title! - "Leaders Eat Last"

And I think that pretty much sums it up.

Sheep put their own needs first while shepherds take care of their sheep.

If you're looking for potential leaders look for the people in your church that are serving others above their own needs and desires.

3) Complaining and whining to other sheep!

One of the fastest ways to find immaturity is to use your ears...

Find the complainer and you'll often find a non-leader.

When leaders run their mouth and complain to their peers or their followers it poisons the environment.

I tell my leaders that it's fine to complain as long as they complain UP!

Complaining up means bringing their challenges and issues to me (or the delegated leader) rather than poisoning the flock.

Anyways, that's all I have for you today...

Hope it stirs some good thoughts!

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Have a great day,

Pastor Jake