The Power Of The Invite Ad

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Last summer our A/C broke...

Uh oh!

Not good considering the heat wave that was happening...with temperatures hitting 100 degrees.

Maybe not that hot where you live but here in Oregon that's HOT!

I didn't least not much.

I dialed up the A/C repair shop and asked them to come take a look.

I thought they'd say, "We'll be there later today or tomorrow."


They were a week out.

So we did the fan in the window thing for a few nights and made it work.

But then the temperature hit 100 and the kids were miserable.

So we made a beeline for the local pool.

It felt great splashing around and cooling off!

While we there watching the kids go down a slide a lady walked up and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey Pastor Jake, I wanted to say hi."

I turned and saw a kind looking middle aged lady who I didn't recognize at first.

But it turned out she'd been coming to the church for a few months.

She said something incredible when I asked her how she found out about the church.

"I saw your ad on Facebook, where you invited me to church."

Yes, she really said "where you invited me to church" like that.

Which is incredible because she saw the facebook invite ad for what it is...a personal invitation. Amazing!

And then she said, "My husband had passed away and I was lonely and upset. I saw your ad and decided to give the church a try. Now I love it and I'm serving on the greeter team!"


She also told us she'd never been connected to a church before.

My wife and I were blown away...all over again I should add...out how effective and powerful a simple Facebook invite ad can be.

God uses it.

We hear stories like this all the time.

People that come to church through a simple invite ad, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or even TV!

And how God uses it to give hope and change people's lives.

If that's something you'd like to learn how to implement I put together a simple, step by step video course called "Facebook Invitation System."

The course shows you how to create and launch your own super simple invite ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Of course it doesn't replace personal!

It's meant to create more opportunities to invite people to church and share the gospel.

Can't wait to hear your story of reaching people and making disciples.

Talk soon,

Pastor Jake