Momentum Makers

...That You Can Start Today!

Let’s talk about how to create momentum in your church.

Of course it starts and ends with prayer!

But there are also natural and strategic moves you can make as a pastor to increase the health and growth of your church.

I call these “Momentum Makers.”

Just like the gas pedal in your car engages power and acceleration…momentum makers move your church forward in key areas.

In UpLevel Leader and with Church Flow Pro we help churches in 3 key areas: Getting people, Keeping people, and Growing people.

Those 3 areas also broadly describe where to find your “momentum makers.”

Anything that helps you “get, keep, grow!”

One of the biggest momentum makers you can engage is turning on simple 30 second video invite ads on META (Facebook/Instagram) like I show you how to do here.

Simple social media ads are a powerful momentum maker for your church because they quickly, cheaply, yet powerfully break down the ignorance and apathy barrier in your community…

People don’t know about your church and frankly…they don’t care…until you break down those barriers!

That’s why the simple strategy I teach in the Facebook Invitation System is essential for your church!

We consider our invite ads to be like the water or electric bill…just something you need to invest in because it helps everything else!

Running a simple ad at $5 or $10 per day will bring in first time guests.

Those guests then have a chance to become members, volunteers, givers, and ultimately disciples of Jesus!

It’s a powerful momentum maker.

But if you want your church to grow I encourage you to take one of these steps!

Because THIS will create serious momentum in growth, health, and missional impact in your church.

Talk soon,

Pastor Jake