A Contrarians Guide To Leading Lonely

And What To Do About It

Encouraging pastors and leaders is my joy!

And as a pastor myself I appreciate when I receive coaching, equipping, and encouragement myself…

Because the job can be lonely and difficult.

I was thinking about this last night on my way back from a pastor’s conference.

Leadership is lonely because by nature it requires you to be contrarian.

You think differently than most people which is why you lead.

Leadership is about moving people from here to there.

And if everyone thought the same there would never be a need for moving from here to there because we’d have already arrived!

That’s a mouthful but think about it…

You’re a leader because you see what other people don’t see and are willing to pay a price that other people haven’t paid.

And that often puts you out front or off to the side of the herd!

Praise God for leaders…

Those willing to say, “We can’t stay here and here’s why!”

But what to do about those times when you’re feeling lonely and isolated?

Because leaders are people too! (no matter what some may think)

Leaders matter.

And so does their soul.

This is where a coaching community like UpLevel Leader really makes a difference.

We encourage and challenge each other to stay in the game and keep letting God use us…and it sure helps with the loneliness…

Other leaders understand.

Other leaders see you.

Would you benefit from a collaborative learning community of fellow pastors and leaders?

I’m willing to bet you would!

And hundreds of pastors over the past few years agree.

UpLevel Leader is an incredible community for learning, leading, and leaning on each other…

And right now we’ve got room for 4 more pastors to be a part.

No more leading lonely,

Pastor Jake