Church Growth and Multiplication

Why You Need Both!

This morning I woke up at our AirBnB in Mexico that overlooks the city.

I love places like this where you can see the harvest…

And pray into the mission of God for the city and the nations!

Here’s something I thought of while praying.

As pastors and leaders of local churches we need to focus on MORE than just the health and growth of our own church.

We need to think about multiplication.

Multiplication of teams, leaders, ministry, and churches.

At Joy Church we have a vision to plant 50 churches in the next 10 years. 1 in each state of the U.S.A. that each plants 10 churches in that state.

This vision is impossible in our own strength…

It’s what I call a “GSV” (God-sized-vision!)

It’s a vision of multiplication.

But that vision isn’t hurting our local growth at all…

In fact, we’re experiencing tremendous growth because the higher vision is calling out and up the best and brightest of the local team!

Here’s the truth.

When you aim for growth you don’t necessarily get multiplication but when you aim for multiplication you always get growth!

Every leader we train. Every group we launch. Every church we plant.

It’s seed.

And the law of sowing and reaping is always working!

When you plant seeds of multiplication you get a harvest of kingdom growth.

So, my encouragement is to begin to pray and meditate on how you as a leader can make the pivot to thinking about multiplication AND church growth.

Who can you train?

Who can you send?

Let your vision be multiplication and let God grow your ministry!

And on that note…

One of the ways God is using to grow our church while we aim for church planting and multiplication is through Church Flow Pro.

Church Flow Pro handles all of our marketing and brings in first time guests EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY.

Yup, every week we get new people through the doors that are either looking for a church home or exploring faith.

We see salvations, connection, new relationships, and serious growth in the church directly because of Church Flow Pro.

Eyes to the harvest,

Pastor Jake