Facebook Ads And Discipleship

Meet Me In The Middle

Ok, this might get a tad philosophical.

But stick with me.

Here's the deal.

Most people that know me know I encourage pastors and churches to use Facebook ads (and other modern marketing tools) to invite people to church.

While 90% of the feedback and response I hear is great there are some voices who speak against it.

And often I see exactly where they're coming from.

They'll say things like, "We don't need more people in the seats...we're supposed to make disciples."

And you know what?

I agree.

But the journey of discipleship has to start somewhere!

So, to really understand my take on this you have to know that I'm 100% focused on discipleship.

I just use technology to connect with lost people that the Holy Spirit is already working on...

And that invite to church or an event or whatever could be, and often is, the start of a journey of following Jesus.

If that's something you'd like to learn more about the best place to start is with the Facebook Invitation System course.

It's a short, sweet, practical training on how to invite your whole city to church in less than 30 minutes using simple 30 second Facebook invite ads.

It's already helped over 1500 churches!


Pastor Jake