The Danger Of Staying Put

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A quick thought for you today…

About momentum…

If you’re not changing, growing, and moving…

You’re not staying the same.

You’re falling back.

Doesn’t matter what category of life it is…

Church, marriage, health, friendships, your relationship with God…

There is no such thing as cruising.

You’re either taking ground or losing it.

With that in mind I want to challenge you.

I’ve worked with hundreds of pastors over the past few years to help them grow their personal leadership capacity and grow their church.

Has it worked?


Hundreds of churches have doubled and more…

Churches growing from 20 to 200.

From 200 to 2,000.

And everything in between.

But perhaps even more importantly….I love seeing pastors break out of ruts in their thinking.

Do you need some help taking ground?

Come join me in UpLevel Leader for 3 months and see what God can do in your life, leadership, and in your church.

I guarantee you’ll be encouraged, equipped, and challenged with at least 1 powerful new idea that can revolutionize your life and ministry.

Talk soon,

Pastor Jake

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