Break The 80 Barrier

For Good!

I hate golf.

No offense to you if you love it.

I just don't enjoy it because I never got consistent results and always felt helpless.

Sometimes the ball would go straight, other times it would fly right, or slice left...

And after hitting a few windows and even a golf cart...well let's just say the fun factor evaporated...

One time I even shanked the ball so bad it flew backwards and hit the clubhouse window!


Needless to say, without consistency it's no fun.

And church leadership is much the same.

For many leaders they have no idea what each new day holds.

Preach the sermon.

Lead the meeting.

Does it go straight or fly wildly left!

Is it a hit or a miss.

Do people respond or just shrug?

That kind of leadership is no fun at all.

In fact, it's downright discouraging.

I once read a book about a man that made it his life ambition after retiring from his corporate job to break 80 on the golf course. The book was a lot of fun because the dude was a real duffer like me. And after a year he eventually did it. But it was just a few simple things he had to correct that made it possible. He was incredibly joyful when he finally broke through...

Church is the same.

The average church size in North America is under 80 people.

Most pastors never break 80.

It's actually tragic that more break 80 on the golf course than in church size.

And I'm not talking about numbers for numbers sake.

It's about reaching people with the gospel. Real people. Real families. Real life.

It's time to break 80 pastor.

It's time to start seeing consistent results.

Just a few small tweaks and the right help is all you need.

Your church can not only break that barrier but go on to reach more and more people using the strategies taught here.

Make the coming year a year of growth and impact.


Pastor Jake

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