The Best Church Growth Strategy

That Costs Nothing!

This morning I’m writing to you from an airport terminal…

With hundreds and thousands of people milling about…

And some of my interactions with people reminded me of something incredibly powerful…

The BEST church growth strategy that costs absolutely nothing to implement!

When we started Joy Church in 2016 we had no money, very few people, and no building.

We first met in our living room and then a few weeks later at a community center in town.

It took a lot of faith to spend the $200/week to rent that space!

But in that season we grew like crazy…

From 20 to 40 and then to 80.

It was an encouraging and faith building season for sure…

So what did we do without any resources?

We leveraged the incredible power of friendliness!

In that phase of our church we’d say, “We might not have a nice building, or sound system, or money, or good music, but…we can be the friendliest church in town!“

I shared sticky slogans with our team before services.

“Let’s be so welcoming that we make introverts feel uncomfortable!” (kind of an inside joke because I’m an introvert myself!)

“We can be the friendliest church in town!”

Stuff like that.

Today at the airport I smiled at people that were rushing around or looking stressed…and I saw the reaction again and again…

Eyes lit up…big smiles…a little bit of a load off the shoulders…

Just basic, simple, kindness and warmth.

It works at the airport and it works in the church!

Use it…teach it to your team…be the friendliest church in town and watch how much of a difference it makes.

Alright, time to go…

Hopefully that helps you today.

For more church growth strategies and coaching I’ve put together a super-simple and affordable resource called 20 Ways To Grow Your Church.

Have a great day,

Pastor Jake