Back On Track

This Simple Hack Works!

Many pastors I've spoken to recently are feeling overwhelmed.

And I've definitely felt that way myself.

But something I did earlier this year has worked like a north star to bring me back on track through this season.

A strategic plan.

Sound simple?

Read on...

Strategy is an often used but little understood word in church circles.

But here's a simple and accurate definition.

Strategy = A goal and a plan.

That's it.

You set a goal and create a plan to accomplish it.

Therefore, something as mundane as going to the store for milk and eggs could be strategic.

You set the goal - get the milk and eggs.

Then you make the plan...

- Get in the car

- Drive to the store

- Get the milk and eggs

- Go home

But if you think about it...sometimes the plan gets knocked off track!

And that's what's happened to many leaders this year.

Maybe even to you?

You had a plan for the year and it got knocked off course.

But here's where the strategic plan comes in.

Because the goal remains the same.

At the beginning of the year we set a goal to raise up more group leaders for the purpose of discipleship.

And guess what?

We're still on track to do that!

Of course it looks completely different now...

But we're still moving towards the goal.

And so can you.

So don't be too discouraged when something big or small knocks your plan off course.

Just realign and keep pushing forward.

I'd love to show you how in a coaching call I did recently that I've included in this bundle: 20 Ways To Grow Your Church.

Back on track,

Pastor Jake