How To Authentically Invite...

...A Lot Of People To Church!

It happens constantly.

I'll be out somewhere with my family and someone will say, "Hey, you're Jake from Joy Church."

The introvert in me doesn't like it...

But the evangelist sure does!

It happened recently at the bowling alley.

We took our kids to have some fun and sat down across from another family...

The guy looks up and says, "Hey, you're Jake from Joy Church!"

"Yep! How's it going?"

And then we were able to invite them to church.

Here's the deal.

We run short n' sweet 30 second invite ads on Facebook inviting people to church.

And over the years thousands of people have responded to them.

Nothing fancy or sophisticated.

I know the Holy Spirit uses these ads to prompt people to come to church and think about their souls.

And it creates authentic opportunities for me to invite people to church.

One of the things that I used to struggle with was connecting with unchurched and unsaved people.

Because I work at a church and grew up in church!

So doing simple Facebook outreach ads has made a huge difference even in my own personal evangelism.

Which I think is critical for teaching/encouraging your church!

An opportunity created just from a simple video.

You can do it too!

Talk soon,

Pastor Jake