Ask This Question

And Watch What Happens...

One of the most important lessons I share with pastors and especially church planters is "keep it simple."

Most pastors organize their church/services/staff/volunteers backwards.

They plan out their ideal service and ministry then look for the people/resources to do it.

Then get frustrated when it doesn't work.

It's backwards.

Instead, each leader should do a "capacity audit" and ask this question:

"What do we do BEST in light of our current resources?"

It's a simple question on the surface but the results will astonish you!

Just try it.

And see what comes out.

See, most pastors/leaders are copying a bigger church or something they learned in a book or at a conference.

But usually lack the financial, staff, or volunteer resources to pull it off.

And the butter gets spread too thin on the bread (if you know what I mean!), causing the effort to come up short!

That's where the capacity audit comes in.

It's a clarifying moment.

The key parts of the question are "best" and "current resources."

When we planted Joy Church back in 2016 we asked this question almost every week.

We realized we didn't have a great worship team, kids ministry, or facility.

But we had a handful of really friendly people.

So we said, "Let's be the friendliest church in town!"

And God used it!

Those early days were hilarious...

A guest would come in and get surrounded by nice, talkative, friendly people!

Then get invited to lunch after service!

And it worked.

We were sticky (in the good way...hahaha)

God used what we had (not much) and grew the church.

Hope that stirs something in you!

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Have a great day,

Pastor Jake