3 Steps To Church Growth

Simple...Not Easy

After working with 500+ pastors and churches over the past 5 years I’ve learned an important lesson.

Church growth is SIMPLE.

But it’s not easy.

It’s simple for a few reasons…

First, God wants churches to grow…

Of course He does! It means sons and daughters saved!

Second, healthy churches grow…

Of course they do! All healthy things grow.

Third, growth happens when more people come and stay than come and go.

That’s just math.

So why are 80% of North American churches stagnant or in decline?

I can’t answer that question for everyone but here’s what I’ve found.

There are three things that churches must do to grow.

1) Get People

2) Keep People

3) Grow People

The mission of the church is to make disciples.

That’s why step 1 is getting people.

You need more people walking through the doors of the church every Sunday. You need a process for reaching lost people. Pastor, you’ve got to break down ignorance and apathy in your community when it comes to your church.

Step 2 is keeping people.

My mentor once told me, “Don’t worry about what other churches are doing…just grow nice green grass!”

Leave the drama on Netflix.

Let your church be a joyful, family-friendly, healthy relational environment.

Provide lots of opportunities for people to connect and grow together!

Make Sundays great!

And watch what happens.

Step 3 is growing people.

Once again, the mission isn’t growth for growth’s sake.

It’s about making disciples.

Moving people from the crowd to the core.

Teaching them to obey the commands of Jesus.

Many churches are stagnant because they have “fake” mature Christians that don’t make disciples. We don’t need more theoretical Christians arguing the minutia of theology on Twitter. We need men and women of God willing to open their hearts and homes to broken hearted people so they can experience the tangible presence of Jesus Christ through His body (the church).

Disciples obey Jesus.

And that means obeying the command to make disciples.

So, you need a process at your church for making disciples.

3 steps: Get em’ - keep em’ - grow em’

Simple…not easy.

Alright, that’s all I have time for today.

A member of our coaching team will be in touch.

God bless,

Pastor Jake

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