How our crazy little church plant grew from 20 to 80... just a few months!

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Hey friend,

I hope you're well!

Today I was thinking about the start of our church...

And it reminded me how awesome God is and how very little of the stuff we think matters really does.

We started our church in March of 2016 with 20 people, no money, no building, and no sound system!

At the time it felt like a disadvantage...

But looking back I realize it was a big advantage.

Because without the external support we had to rely on prayer and relationship!

I remember an early meeting with our team where we set a goal.

I said, "Ok guys, we don't have the best music, preaching, or kids program. We don't have a nice building. We don't even know where we're going to meet every Sunday! But we can focus on being the nicest church in town!"

And that's exactly what we did.

We bought inexpensive donuts or pastries and we greeted everyone that came through the doors like they were old friends!

We created a loving, family environment.

And we openly acknowledged that we didn't have all the "stuff" other churches did.

We embraced simplicity and turned "small" into an advantage.

And we grew from 20 to 80 people in just a few months...

The best part?

Every small church that wants to grow can leverage this EXACT same strategy.

  • Cast vision for growth.

  • Create a relational culture.

  • Pray and trust God.

  • Get the word out however you can (door to door, friends and family, simple Facebook invite ads).

  • Be the nicest church in town!

And on that note, here's a great resource for developing yourself as a leader...

Loaded with great content on church leadership, discipleship, and growth!

The same playbook we used to grow in the early days and even now...

- Pastor Jake

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