2024 Is Your Year

Here's Why...

Yesterday on the UpLevel Leader zoom call dozens of pastors shared their goals for 2024. We talked about making disciples, raising up leaders, and trusting God to see churches double their attendance, and massively increase their impact in the community!

The cool thing about the call was that nobody had a single doubt about achieving these goals. Because we have seen church after church break, stagnation and reach new levels of growth and impact over the past few years.

Pastors are experiencing fresh vision, passion, and breakthrough in their leadership.

We’ve got room for a few more members this month and I’d love to work with YOU!

What’s your goal for 2024?

Are you ready to break your current church growth barrier and make disciples?

It doesn’t matter what size your church currently is or what challenges you’re facing. There is HOPE and CHANGE is possible with the right plan and team on your side.

We help pastors clarify their vision, mission, and strategy…

And then build an elite CORE team of leaders to help them accomplish it.

We help churches refresh and renew their Sunday experience and create a life-giving small group system.

We’ll help your church reach new guests every single week while reducing your personal time commitment!

Spend 1 hour a week with us in UpLevel Leader and put the systems into place.

It’s already helped 100s of churches GROW!

To make it even more accessible I’m offering a 50% discount on our flagship coaching program.

Use code: MOMENTUM to save 50% FOR LIFE on the annual or monthly membership.

But we only have room for 5 3 more churches to join at this time.

So don’t dilly dally!

It’s your time,

Pastor Jake

PS - Not ready to join UpLevel? Here’s a great bundle of courses to get church growth kickstarted in 2024! Click here to get access.